Death Grips

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Death Grips’ New Video is Like an ASMR Clip From Hell

"Flies" makes me feel all weird and tingly.
Shaad D’Souza
New music

Death Grips' "Streaky" Sounds Like a Song

The first single from 'Year of the Snitch' is not 22 minutes long. Unlike some recent Death Grips stuff, it even has a recognisable structure.
Alex Robert Ross
Noisey News

Death Grips Are Working With Face Shredding Artist Lucas Abela

The collaboration promises to be bloody interesting.
Noisey Staff
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From Brian Eno to Death Grips, This Twitter Parody Account Imagines Donald Trump's Album Reviews

Naturally, he'd rank records from one to five American flag emojis.

A Giant Donald Trump Rooster Invaded China | Last Week in Art

And Nintendo dished out a New Years miracle.
Nathaniel Ainley
Holy Shit

Death Grips Have Recruited Primus’ Bassist For Their New Track “More than the Fairy”

This will thoroughly shake that Bank Holiday hangover right out of you.
Daisy Jones
Smash Hits and Superstars

We Forced Gene Simmons To Listen to Skepta, Death Grips, Radiohead and More

"Thom Yorke, in particular, gets very upset when I talk about them."
Angus Harrison
seven most played

Chopped and Screwed Skepta With Slamming Sulta in This Week's Seven Most Played

We've also been bumping the new Death Grips and the glow of Project Sandro.
Angus Harrison
Holy Shit

Feel Something Intense and Listen to Death Grips's New Song "Eh"

'The Bottomless Pit' opens up tomorrow, May 6.
John Hill
Holy Shit

Death Grips Just Unleashed a 6-track EP of Instrumentals That Could Melt Steel

The tracks are all taken from their 32-minute video “Interview 2016”, released earlier this year
Daisy Jones
Holy Shit

Death Grips Drop 32 Minute "Interview 2016" Video

It's 32 minutes of straight instrumentals, potentially from their upcoming record 'Bottomless Pit.'
John Hill
Internet Exploring

Someone Turned a Bunch of Death Grips Tracks Into Weird, Freaky-Ass Elevator Music

Occasionally, two opposing forces come together to create something magical - which is exactly what's happened here.
Daisy Jones