Death Penalty

Capital Punishment

Tracing the UK's Complicated Relationship with the Death Penalty

The UK Home Secretary's recent correspondence with the US Attorney General about two Brits accused of being ISIS jihadists has sparked up old debates about capital punishment.
James McMahon
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Everything Always Turns to Shit on Death Row

Even a breakfast of boiled eggs and cheese somehow gets screwed up by a rogue inmate.
Timothy White
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What It's Like to Deliver Death Sentences

I ran for office and took the oath knowing that the death penalty would be part of my job, whether I liked it or not.
Mike Lynch
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I Watched a Talent Show on Death Row

It was painful but also more fun than I expected.
George T. Wilkerson

Why Did America's Execution Machine Slow Down?

A new book explores the slow demise of the ultimate punishment in a country that has a history of celebrating it.
Maurice Chammah
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My Execution, 20 Days Away

In Arkansas, eight men are scheduled to die by lethal injection this month. Here is one of their stories.
Kenneth Williams
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Dylann Roof Has Given Up

The Charleston church shooter will plead guilty to state murder charges in exchange for a life sentence, sparing survivors another gruelling trial.
Drew Schwartz
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The Hope and Sorrow of Visiting My Son on Death Row

He's condemned to die in April, and the closer it gets, the more it weighs on me.
Marilyn Shankle-Grant as told to Maurice Chammah
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Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof Has Been Sentenced to Death

Roof showed no emotion as the judge read out the decision.
Allie Conti

Texas Is No Longer America's Death Penalty Capital

The fewest people were put to death in the state this year since 1996, but race and mental health were still disturbing factors in who ends up on death row.
Casey Tolan
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How a Phone Changed My Life on Death Row

I felt like a virgin on my wedding night – eager to put this thing to use, not sure if it'll hurt.
George Wilkerson
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Things Are Going Great for the Guy Who Attacked Dylann Roof in Jail

Dwayne Stafford is enjoying temporary housing and donated clothing, food, and cash after being released from jail where he assaulted Charleston shooter Dylann Roof.
VICE Staff