Nobody Knows Why Hundreds of People Died at This Creepy Himalayan Lake

Hundreds of people mysteriously died over a millennium at "Skeleton Lake" in the Himalayas according to a new study, making the creepy location even more mysterious.


More Drug Users Are Intentionally Using Fentanyl Amid Overdose Crisis, Study Finds

The way we think about harm reduction and fentanyl should change, Canadian researchers suggest.


2017 Was the Year Chaos Became Normal

This was the year we started to accept, things might feel weird for a while.


Why Drugs Cause Women More Harm

Fewer women use drugs than men, but more are dying as a result of substance misuse.


Another Week, Another Bunch of Record-Breaking UK Drug Statistics

Drug deaths are at an all-time high in Yorkshire, and drug seizures are through the roof in Northern Ireland.


Fabric Will Remain Closed Indefinitely Until Islington Council Meets to Review Its License

Two teenagers have died within the last nine weeks.


Are You Really to Blame for the Violence of the Drug Trade?

Some critics say users are responsible for the narco-war and the toxic pollution of the world's rainforests, but the forces creating these situations are actually at a much higher level.


FIFA to Monitor Working Conditions at Qatar World Cup – 1,200 Deaths Too Late

C'mon, this is FIFA ethical reform we're talking about here.


Guerrillas in the Mist: Seven Days in Rebel-Held Territory in Colombia

What does half a century of war do to a country?


How Crowdfunding Websites Are Helping Brits Repatriate the Dead Bodies of Loved Ones

If a family member dies abroad without insurance, the cost of getting them home can be astronomical.


Some Asshole Is Shooting Adorable Dolphins in Australia

Staff at the South Australian Museum believe the person who recently shot an Adelaide dolphin is behind several dolphin killings in the area.


The Body of a Black Man Was Found Hanging from a Tree in Mississippi

Otis Byrd, a missing 54-year-old African-American man, was found dead on Thursday and local authorities say they're looking into the death.