Only 8 People in This Indigenous Tribe Still Speak Their Native Language – the Amazon Fires May Wipe It Out Completely

Indigenous leaders have said there is a "physical, environmental and cultural genocide" in the Amazon.


The Amazon Rainforest Was Once a Human Success Story. It Could Be Again

For millennia, Indigenous practices have enhanced the biodiversity, fertility and carbon-sucking powers of the most biodiverse region on land.


Brazil's President Bolsonaro Is Now Spreading Conspiracy Theories About the Amazon Fires

Jair Bolsonaro, whose support of Amazon deforestation has earned him the nickname "Captain Chainsaw", is blaming the fires on environmental groups.


The Amazon Is on Fire and the Smoke Can Be Seen from Space

The Amazon has been burning for weeks amid increasing deforestation. The intense smoke was detected by NASA and plunged São Paulo into darkness on Monday.


There's a New Hazelnut Spread in Town and It Wants to Take On Nutella

The Barilla Group is set to launch the palm-oil-free Crema Pan di Stelle in January of next year.


How Bad, Really, Is Cocaine?

For the environment, not for you personally. We know it is quite bad for you personally.


This DJ Is Heading Deep Into Indonesia's Jungles to Record the Sounds of a Vanishing Ecosystem

"We must admit that the forest is decreasing more and more each year, and that we need to act now to try to save the beautiful sounds that remain there."


A Python Swallowed an Indonesian Palm Oil Farmer Whole

Experts say deforestation forced the snake to seek alternative food sources.


Why Green Bean Casserole Is Killing Off Rhinos

The creamy, bubbly casserole is an iconic winter dish, but those French-fried onions on top—as well as a whole host of other supermarket foods—are full of wildlife-endangering palm oil.


The Earth Has Lost a Tenth of Its Wilderness Since the 1990s

Current Biology has released a study, highlighting how humans have destroyed around 3.3 million square kilometres of wilderness over the past 25 years.


Brazil's Arrested Forest Kingpin Isn't the Only Problem Facing the Amazon

This week, Brazil arrested a man who may be responsible for up to 20 percent of illegal cuttings in the Amazon over the past few years. That's good, but until the country strictly enforces conservation laws this is just a Hydra problem.