Demon's Souls


The Greatest Moments of Dark Souls

From Demon's Souls to the third Dark Souls proper, here are the landscapes, the boss battles and the memories, that will last a lifetime.
Dave Cook; illustrations by Stephen Maurice Graham

You Thought ‘Dark Souls’ Was Tough? Try Being the Guys Behind Its Official Guide

We speak to Wil Murray and EpicNameBro about creating guides to the most notoriously bastard-hard gamimg series on the planet.
Ben Oliver

On the Sublime and Beautiful: A Conversation with ‘Dark Souls III’ Director Hidetaka Miyazaki

This is the end of days, but the game's director wants to assure us that there is beauty beyond the decay.
Sayem Ahmed
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An Ode to the Dark Souls Bonfire

Don't praise the sun, praise the bonfire. Enjoy those rare moments of reflection. You've earned them.
Joe Donnelly
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The 21 Video Games of VICE’s Lifetime That You Really Should Have Played

A great bunch of games, really. You probably like a lot of them, too.
Mike Diver
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Gaming Will Never Have Its ‘Citizen Kane’ Moment, and Needs to Nurture New Narratives

By aping cinema, video gaming's storytellers have been selling themselves short for years. It's time to embrace the medium's unique possibilities.
John Robertson
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This Is What Happens When You Play ‘Bloodborne’ For 24 Hours Straight

No respite, no retreat. No sleep, and barely any sensible sustenance. This is a whole day in the company of gaming's newest nightmare.
David Whelan