Department of Homeland Security


Trump Could Soon Decide the Fates of 800,000 Young Immigrants

"It terrifies me," said one.
Meredith Hofman
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Trump's Mar-a-Lago Visitor Logs Will Soon Be Public

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington group plans to release to the logs in September after the Department of Homeland Security turns them over.
River Donaghey
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Trump Just Signed a Revised Travel Ban

The new executive order places a temporary travel ban on Syria, Sudan, Iran, Somalia, Libya and Yemen, and moves the cap on refugees down to just 50,000 people.
Lauren Messman
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How the Government Monitored Twitter During Baltimore's Freddie Gray Protests

This month's FOIA should serve as a cautionary note to activists using Twitter and other social media to promote their causes.
Jason Leopold

The Future of Border Securing Technology Is Here and It’s Terrifying

Drones, 3D holograms, cameras with body heat detection, and a 360-degree radar surveillance.
Meredith Hoffman

How the Feds Took Down

The site has been shut down by Homeland Security agents and employees are now facing life-altering punishments for allegedly helping sex workers connect to clients.
Melissa Gira Grant

The US Government Is Spending Millions to Illegally Lock Up Immigrant Families

Private prison companies are reaping in government cash to run detention centers for immigrant families, despite a court ruling ordering the Obama administration to close the controversial facilities.
Meredith Hoffman

​The FBI Says It Doesn’t Need a Warrant to Track Your Cell Phone in Public

The FBI recently started requiring agents to obtain a warrant before using Stingray tracking technology, but privacy advocates say exceptions to the rules leave plenty of room for abuse.
CJ Ciaramella
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Are Albuquerque’s Police the Worst in the US?

They've shot and killed 26 people in the past four years.
Lucy Steigerwald
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America's Homeland Security Is Afraid of Mentally Ill Canadian Tourists

All in the name of "border security".
Lucy Steigerwald
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The Department of Homeland Security Helped Itself to a Journalist’s Documents

Her notes were seized because the cops weren't sure she was allowed to have them.
Lucy Steigerwald