Diego Costa


How Social Media Has Become a Tool of Psychological Warfare During the Transfer Window

With Diego Costa flaunting an Atletico Madrid shirt on Instagram this week, it’s clear that social media has become another medium for transfer mind games. So how effective is it?


Scenes Of Elation On The Streets of North London After Arsenal’s FA Cup Triumph

On Saturday, Arsenal only went and beat Chelsea to win the FA Cup for a record 13th time. We were on the streets of North London, taking pictures of the resultant carnage.


The Revitalisation Of The Moody Front Man: In Praise Of Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud

In the final Premier League Review of the week, we laud two of the moodiest strikers in the top flight.


​Premier League Wars: Return of the Jedi – Reviewing Arsenal vs. Chelsea

We're not saying that Arsene Wenger is Yoda and Arsenal are the Rebel Alliance, nor that Chelsea are the Galactic Empire and Diego Costa is the Emperor. Then again, we're not *not* saying all of that.


Arsene Wenger and The Circle of Life: Previewing Arsenal vs. Chelsea

In our first Premier League Preview of the week, we explore the idea that Arsene Wenger is a metaphor for human cyclicality.


Friday Night Lights: Previewing Chelsea vs. Liverpool

In our first Premier League Preview of the week, we discuss our inherent mistrust of Friday night football, and the potential goings-on at Stamford Bridge.


The High Costa Low Living: Reviewing Swansea vs. Chelsea

In the first instalment of this week’s Premier League Review, we ponder just how many borderline red cards Diego Costa can get away with.


Antonio Conte's Winning Machine: The Premier League Review

In the first instalment of our Premier League review, we talk all things Chelsea, Conte and vintage James Bond.


A Tale of Heroes: How Have Atlético Madrid Reached Two European Finals In Just Three Years?

Diego Simeone's Atlético are built on blood, sweat and sacrifice. With so fearsome a manager, how could they not succeed?


The Premier League Awards: Austin, Alli & Mertesacker

This weekend's top Premier League stories came from the instantly impactful Austin, Alli's worldie, and a badly timed case of the Mertesackers.


VICE Sports Player of the Weekend: Diego Costa

Diego Costa didn't play at the weekend, but Chelsea looked like they'd remembered how to. Was it a coincidence? We think not.


Football for Dummies: What Can FIFA and PES Teach an Idiot About the Beautiful Game?

Yep, this is our naïve way of measuring which is the better of the two football games this year.