digital art


Molly Soda Turns Nasty Social Media Comments into Unfiltered Art

Her goofy beauty tutorials and sexy selfies capture the strange reality of being female on the internet.


23 Artists Hacked New York's Busiest Digital Billboards

'Commercial Break' kicks off Public Art Fund's 40th anniversary season by hijacking advertising all over the city and turning it into art.


The Story Behind the Cover of VICE Magazine's February Issue

We used a machine-learning technique to create the colorful blobs on our cover.


The Next Museum

Alfredo Salazar-Caro and the Digital Museum of Digital Art are curating your virtual reality experience.


Bold Political Illustrations Grapple With the Modern Age

Kevin Niggeler is a Milan-based artist bringing colorful vibrancy to the news.


This Is What Sound Would Look Like in a Sublime Saccharine World

Make some noise for Ion Oprea’s digital delights in ‘See the Noise.'


Digital Identities: A Photo Feature from the New Issue of VICE Magazine

Seven multimedia artists revitalize self-portraiture in this special feature from 'The Future of Tech Issue.'


Colored Tape on Glass Makes Matisse-Inspired Minimalist Illustrations

In Joshua Tree, California, artist Eric Petersen is turning digital artworks into handmade translucent illustrations.


Cut-And-Paste Creations Frankenstein the Still Life

Daniel Gordon explores classicism through new-fangled digital tools.


[Premiere] An Artist Made a Series of Mugshots from His Own Face

Mexican artist Captain Alegria reimagines the self portrait in the new issue of FELT Zine.


Artist Repackages Consumerism as Inventive Wood, Metal, and Marble CGI Worlds

Santi Zoraidez creates a world of abstract realities through his digitally rendered artworks.


Artists Imagine Life After a Total Internet Collapse

At Eastern Block’s ‘The Dead Web - La Fin’ exhibition, artists warn of a great collapse.