documentary finding machar

  • Life Under the Trees

    We’ve made it to Akobo, headquarters of the new Nuer rebellion.

  • The Swamp War

    For centuries, slavery emptied out much of Central Africa.

  • Saving South Sudan

    Part three of our exploration of the horrors of the country’s newest civil war.

  • Saving South Sudan

    Exploring the horrors of the country’s newest civil war.

  • The Bog Barons

    By the time George W. Bush was elected, Sudan had become a geopolitical quagmire.

  • The Wretched Land

    In chapter six of Robert Young Pelton and Tim Freccia's journey to South Sudan, their rag tag crew grows by one.

  • Fixing South Sudan

    In 2011 Machot was invited to the capital of Juba.

  • I Didn't Even Take My Purse

    The war is as much personal as it is political to Riek Machar’s wife, Angelina Teny.

  • A Grain of Truth

    Machar insists that Kiir is at the heart of the corruption.

  • The Holy Land

    The White Army is heading north to stage an assault on Malakal.

  • The White Army

    Looters or liberators?

  • Dead Calm

    Evidence of war crimes is all around.