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What It's Like to Date Someone Who's Sober When You're Still Drinking

"I would smell the alcohol on her breath, and it would really stress me out because of my prior drinking problem."


People's Grim Stories of the Worst Times They Ever Took Drugs

"Right around the time the acid kicked in, a gun fight broke out."


A New Poll Shows Which States Take the Most Mood-Altering Drugs

Apparently, West Virginia uses the most mood-altering drugs, and Alaska uses the least.


Can You Simulate Love with Drugs?

If love is a chemical reaction in your brain, shouldn't there be a way to artificially induce it?


Does Cocaine Have Any Potential as an Antidepressant?

There's some anecdotal evidence suggesting that for some people, the idea of using coke to cure grief isn't 100 percent crazy.


I Do Drugs Because Doing Drugs Is Fun

I shouldn't have to apologise for that, and neither should you.