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Cardi B wants to create a "Bocktails with Cardi B" TV show and booze.


How Diet Coke Helped Me Embrace My Gay Identity

My love of Diet Coke has as much to do with identity—in my case, expressing femininity and rejecting heterosexual norms—as it does taste or health.


Tim Presley’s New White Fence Single is a Stunning, Sparse Left Turn

"I Have To Feed Larry's Hawk," premiering today on Noisey, is a chilly intro to the new White Fence record. We spoke to Tim Presley about San Francisco, harm reduction and the ambient suite that closes his new record.


No, Pub Closures Are Not the Reason You’re Shagging Less

A recent Guardian article linked the rise in pub closures with young people having less sex, but is there any truth in it?


Afternoon Tea Is a Scam and That’s Fine

Twenty quid for cucumber sandwiches and a mini Battenberg cake is a rip-off, but that's not the point.


Get You Someone Who Looks at You Like This Rugby Fan Looks at His Beer

🎶“I wanna know what love is…”🎶


Coca-Cola Accidentally Makes Vending Machines That Reads 'Hello, Death'

The mix-up came after the company tried to combine English and Maori phrases.


English National Opera Bans Water Bottles After Patrons Smuggle Vodka In

Nothing like a shot of straight liquor to liven up 'The Magic Flute'.


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A Car Bomb Drink That Even Your Bartender Respects

It’s invigorating in all the ways you want from a Jäger Bomb, but with none of the sugar, aftertaste, or judgment.


Flaming Cocktail Injures 2 Diners at Gordon Ramsay's Las Vegas Restaurant

The hell-themed restaurant's menu includes $14 cocktails with names like “Meet Your Maker,” “Smoke on the Blvd” and, of course, “The Pitchfork.”