drug policy


Drug Policy and the Fight for Black Lives

Drug policy continues to be used as a means of social and racial control​, fracturing black communities and maintaining the economic and societal dominance of white people.
Camille Barton and Imani Robinson

Art from the Frontline of the War on Drugs

We spoke to the executive producer of the Museum of Drug Policy.
JS Rafaeli
High Wire

The Terrifying New Trend in Heroin Addiction

Just like they did in the 80s, Americans are increasingly going straight to heroin, skipping prescription opioids. Too bad US policy doesn't reflect that.
Maia Szalavitz

How Massive Busts Could Create More Harm for People Who Use Drugs

With the biggest drug bust in Ontario history, the province’s cocaine supply may have just become more dangerous.
Allison Tierney
Safe Sesh

Political Cynicism Is Killing Drug Users

And voters are just as responsible as the politicians themselves.
Danny Kushlick

The Highs and Lows of the Government's New Drug Strategy

Today, the Home Office announced how it intends to deal with drugs in the UK.
Max Daly
The VICE Manifesto

Visiting the Town Hit Hardest By the UK's Drug Crisis

Middlesbrough has the most drug-related deaths in the country, and another Tory government will only make the problem worse.
Henry Fisher
Harm Reduction

Meet the Woman Testing Your Drugs at This Summer's Festivals

Fiona Measham, boss at The Loop, is expanding the drugs testing service from two independent festivals to a load of major events around the UK.
David Hillier

Former Head of the AFP Calls for Australia to Decriminalise Drugs

"We cannot hope to nanny ourselves out of risk," says Mick Palmer, who was Australia's top cop between 1994 and 2001.
Maddison Connaughton
High Wire

Why Every Generation Freaks Out About a New Drug

The cycle of outrage Americans have over whatever drug is fashionable hasn't gotten us any closer to figuring out why people abuse narcotics.
Maia Szalavitz

The Story of Mephedrone, the Party Drug That Boomed and Went Bust

In 2010 it was the UK's fourth favourite substance; nowadays it's used almost exclusively on the chemsex scene.
JS Rafaeli

Richard Di Natale Explains Why the Greens Want to Decriminalise Most Drugs

"Not only is our approach not working, it is actively harming the very people we are supposed to be helping."
Richard Di Natale