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The Bizarre Story Behind a Fentanyl-Laced Coke Dealer's On-Camera Confession

We talked to The Bunk Police about why they released the video, which shows the dealer crying.
Allison Tierney
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There Are Some Simple Ways to Make Drug-Taking Much Safer

A report released today lays out what the British government needs to do to protect both the night-time economy and the health of the nation's drug users.
Mark Wilding
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Festival Drug Deaths Don't Need to Happen

Another suspected drug-related death at Bestival is a tragic reminder of how avoidable drug harms can be.
Jamie Clifton
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The Weird Stuff Discovered in the Drugs at Secret Garden Party

We spoke to Fiona Measham from drug testing organisation The Loop about what they uncovered at this year's festival.
Jamie Clifton
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Inside the One UK Lab Testing What's Really in Your Drugs

WEDINOS, in Cardiff, is the only place you can send your drugs to be tested. We went to see what they've found in the country's MDMA, LSD and cocaine.
Ben Bryant
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How the UK's Music Festivals Changed Their Tune On Drugs

After years of taking a zero tolerance policy towards drugs, some festivals are now allowing onsite testing so punters can check that what they're taking is safe.
Mark Wilding
Drug Testing

Are Home Drug Testing Kits Actually Helpful?

I spoke to two experts to work it out.
David Hillier

The Hangover News

This weekend a man tried to sue Oxford Uni for £1 million because he didn't get a first, another guy pleaded guilty to drunkenly hitting a flight attendant and more.
Zoe Denton
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Watch 'High Society: Ecstasy', the First Episode of Our New Series About Drugs in the UK

In this episode we investigate what's behind the rise of ecstasy deaths in the UK, and how the dangers of using pills can be reduced.
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We Went Drug Testing at Secret Garden Party to See What Weird Shit Ends Up in Your Drugs

The Loop, a drugs harm reduction organisation, pioneered a drug testing scheme at the festival that found – among other things – concrete and malaria pills in what was supposed to be ecstasy and ketamine.
David Hillier
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

Canadian Music Festivals Still Can’t Test Pills for Fentanyl

In BC, where overdose deaths are up 74 percent, several festivals offer free drug testing – but fentanyl testing equipment's not ready yet.
Sarah Berman
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Employers Can't Find Enough Workers Who Can Pass Drug Tests

The job market is pretty strong, but so is America's fondness for being high.
Lauren Messman