Drug Use

What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

No One Wants You to Fall in Love After Rehab

You’re too fragile. Intimacy is a trigger. It’s simply switching addictions from a drug to a person. So when you do meet someone, how do you know your feelings won’t doom you both?
Hannah Brooks
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Life After Heroin Is Beautiful and Boring

One of the hardest lessons around being sober is learning to appreciate the ordinary, the mundane, the normal.
Hannah Brooks
What I Want to Tell You About Heroin

Getting Sober Means Learning to Feel Bad

Heroin is an escape, a relief, a safe space. Giving it up means facing all the fear, rage, and terror you’ve been running from.
Hannah Brooks

Man Arrested After Filling Hotel Bath with Potatoes During Five-Day MDMA Binge

“It felt like the right thing to do at the time.”
Ruby Lott-Lavigna

One UK Country Takes Way More Drugs Than Any Other Country in the World

And more takeaways from this year's Global Drug Survey.
David Hillier

Why So Many Young Brits Are Smoking Crack

The past year has seen a huge 30 percent rise in people under-25 seeking treatment for the drug.
Emily Goddard

We Analysed Today's New Drug Use Stats So You Don't Have to

The big take-away: drug use is on the up among young people, countering the government's argument against decriminalisation.
Ben Bryant

How the UK Took Drugs This Year

What the past 12 months of taking LSD, magic mushrooms and cocaine look like, according to the Global Drugs Survey.
Hannah Ewens

Why Women Take Fewer Drugs Than Men

The gender drug divide is actually widening; women are now less likely than men to have taken drugs than they were in 1996.
Max Daly
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Another City in Argentina Bans Electronic Music Events

Mar Del Plata follows Buenos Aires with the prohibition they announced Tuesday.
Alexander Iadarola

I Went to Kristianstad In Search for Its Mystery Church Shitters

I heard that Swedish church-goers are being disturbed by other visitors who masturbate, piss and shit on the church floor and wanted to find out why.
Hanniel Larsson
Relapse: Facing Canada's Opioid Crisis

How Canada's Rehab Centres Are Failing Drug Users

Canadians are waiting months to get into government treatment centers, new data shows.
Rachel Browne