Drugs Policy


The Movement to Make Shrooms Legal Is Gaining Momentum

Denver just decriminalised the drug, and Oakland could be next.
Harry Cheadle
Views My Own

'The Government's Drugs Minister Must Step Down'

Because of a huge conflict of interest, she can no longer talk about cannabis – the most commonly used illegal drug in the UK.
Henry Fisher
Safe Sesh

Paul Flynn MP: We Must Legalise Medicinal Cannabis

The Labour MP on why it's time for the UK to catch up with the rest of the world.
Paul Flynn

​We Asked an Expert What Would Happen If the UK Decriminalised All Drugs

The UN were about to release a report advising exactly that this week, before some dark forces pressured them not to.
Joe Goodman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

Is the UN About to Call for the Decriminalisation of All Drugs?

According to Richard Branson: yes (if they don't get cold feet).
Joe Goodman

Could 'The Brighton Model' Help the Seaside City Make Millions with Weed?

Instead of hiking up council tax, Green Party representatives want to raise local funds by making cannabis available to anyone over 18 with proof of Brighton residency.
Nick Chowdrey

What Would Drugs Look Like in an Independent Scotland?

A Yes vote would give Holyrood complete control over drugs policy.
Liam Turbett

Fake Ecstasy, The Warehouse Project, And Why There Needs to Be A New Approach To Drugs

People have been dying from PMA disguised as MDMA and the government needs to do something about it.