No One Wants You to Fall in Love After Rehab

You’re too fragile. Intimacy is a trigger. It’s simply switching addictions from a drug to a person. So when you do meet someone, how do you know your feelings won’t doom you both?

Hannah Brooks

Uncovering the Golden Age of Britain’s Drug Smuggling Trade

A new book lifts the lid on past smugglers, corrupt cops and undercover hard men – and says the game is almost up for authorities now.

Max Daly

All the Things the New Anti-Weed Crusade Gets Horribly Wrong

It's Reefer Madness all over again.

Maia Szalavitz

Sorry, but Your Nicotine-Free Vape Probably Contains Nicotine

Australian researchers tested ten different "nicotine-free" vape liquids to find 60 percent of them contain nicotine.

Gavin Butler

Bartenders Tell Us the Worst Stuff They've Done at Work in Six Words

“Wednesday afternoon orgy, because of boredom.”

Laura Roscioli

I Was Injecting Heroin in the Bogs While Working at One of the UK's Biggest Papers

Joel Lewin worked at one of the world's most prestigious financial newspapers. But while he was writing about Tesco's shares he was also shoplifting there to feed a heroin addiction.

Joel Lewin

I Did a Load of Cocaine Completely Sober, for Science

You only ever do it when you're drunk, for a good reason – it is not an enjoyable drug without an alcohol buffer.

Mac Hackett

This Is How America Is Failing Its Young Opioid Generation

Jeremy was young and addicted. Over six years, he was let down over and over again by the very system that was meant to help him.

Jack Dodson

This Must Be the Weirdest Reason Drug Dealers Have Been Let Off

Do well enough in your English class and you might be in with a chance of judicial leniency.

Daisy Schofield

Watch Our New Film About Zimbabwe's Codeine Cough Syrup Epidemic

Experts estimate that over half of the country's young people are addicted to drugs, with many hooked on the cough syrup BronCleer.

Lars Jellestad

What It's Like Being a Problematic Drug User at Christmas

"My family had no idea: I drink a lot of Diet Coke and they just thought I was hyper or, when I was coming down, they thought I was just having a depressive moment."

David Hillier

The Legal Weed No One's Talking About

THCa is perfectly legal in the UK – until you heat it up and it turns into THC.

Ali Cedar