Dumb Shit


Ariana Grande's Ridiculous Tattoo Drama Is Killing Me

Ariana Grande accidentally got a tattoo that said "small charcoal grill" in Japanese. Then, she tried to fix it. Except she accidentally made it worse.


Kanye West Has Officially Released "XTCY"

Kanye's song about smashing his sister-in-laws, that he leaked a few weeks ago, has an official release. Do with that what you will.


Your Favourite Concert Activity Is Fucking Disgusting, Scientist Confirms

"I wouldn't recommend drinking out of a shoe that's been immersed in alcohol.", says renowned doctor.


Surprise Surprise, Your Ironic Hero Shannon Noll Is a Gronk

The singer went on a vile and misogynistic rant at a show. Are you really that shocked?


Weezer Are Putting Their “Africa” Cover on Vinyl! But It’s Already Sold Out

It'll be released through Urban Outfitters, because where else would you release a piece of meme-vinyl?


I Saw All The Dumbest-Sounding Shit At Glasto So You Didn't Have To

Why go and see Warpaint on The Park Stage when you could be watching Disgraceful Squids on Bez's Flying Bus?


What's the Dumbest Thing You've Ever Done Drunk?

"I get lost a lot and sleep in strangers' houses."