San Francisco's Vape 'Ban' Is Turning Into a War Over JUUL and Wokeness

Both sides are claiming the mantle of harm reduction in a fight with stakes for e-cigs across the country.
Alex Norcia

How Australia's Ban on Vapes Spawned a Thriving Black Market

Vape juice that contains nicotine is supposedly illegal. But thanks to loopholes in legislation it's everywhere.
Sam Nichols
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FDA: No, You Can't Sell Vape Juice Spiked with Viagra

The agency busted an e-cig company after finding traces of prescription medications in its "healthcare flavors."
Drew Schwartz

Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes

There’s little research on the safety of vaping drugs beyond nicotine and cannabis, but that hasn’t stopped people from trying.
Richard Greenhill
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This Mum Is Suing Juul Because Her Teen Is 'Unable to Stop' Vaping

The 15-year-old allegedly became "anxious, highly irritable and prone to angry outbursts" after the e-cigs got him "heavily addicted to nicotine".
Drew Schwartz
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Great, a Teen Got Something Called 'Wet Lung' After Three Weeks of Vaping

The 18-year-old landed in the ER due to stabbing pains in her chest, according to a new case study.
Allie Conti

I Followed Vape-Smuggling Teens to Find Out Why They’re So Obsessed with JUUL

The bougie cross-border trip made me question everything I know about teenage rebellion.
Laura Bell

This 21-Year-Old Is Making Thousands a Month Vaping on YouTube

DonnySmokes has basically become the Marlboro Man of the YouTube era. But should his videos be regulated like advertising?
Allie Conti
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Woman Suffered Burns After Her Headphones Exploded Mid-Flight

The incident was just the latest of a slew of battery-powered electronics to spontaneously combust.
Drew Schwartz