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Alex Hunter, You Are My Son

My Alex Hunter is trapped with Alan Pardew and Harry Kane at Crystal Palace. Your Alex Hunter, the star of <i>FIFA 17</i>'s "The Journey", is almost certainly different.
Joel Golby

FIFA’s ‘Pro Clubs’ Is the Best Game Mode You’re Not Playing Right Now

It's a part of <i>FIFA 17</i>, available to everyone, but chances are you're ignoring it. Here's why you shouldn't.
Richard Wakeling

Meeting the Man Behind the Main Reason to Play ‘FIFA 17’

There are thousands of Alex Hunters, but there's only one Adetomiwa Edun. We spoke to the <i>FIFA 17</i> actor.
Mike Diver

FIFA’s New “The Journey” Mode Might, Against the Odds, Actually Be Amazing

There's not much to go on in the newly released demo, but what there is feels like the perfect football soap opera.
Mike Diver

‘FIFA 17’ Is Going All Hollywood On Us with ‘The Journey’ Mode

Play your way to fame as a prodigy with everything to win, and in doing so distance yourself from the gritty reality of modern football.
John Robertson

From Bedroom to the Bundesliga: Meeting Professional FIFA Player David Bytheway

"DaveBtw" made headlines when Vfl Wolfsburg signed him to represent them in FIFA tournaments. We catch up to discuss the crossover potential of football proper and its virtual counterpart.
Mike Diver

‘EA SPORTS UFC 2’ Hits Harder Than the Fighting Game Competition

The super-realistic bouts of 'EA SPORTS UFC 2' are quite unlike anything seen in video gaming before.

Win a Copy of ‘EA SPORTS UFC 2’ and a PlayStation 4 to Play It On

We've a console plus a special pre-order copy of the game to give away, plus four runner-up copies, too. Competition run in association with EA SPORTS.
VICE Staff
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I Tried To Infiltrate the Black Market of FIFA Ultimate Team Betting

Players are pissed off at EA, but there's something much darker going on amid the FUT community.
Jack Harry
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Kid Racks Up Over Five Grand of ‘FIFA’ In-Game Purchases; Dad Duly Flips Out

"He never believed he was being charged for every transaction," says the dad who really wants to believe his son wasn't being a dick.
Mike Diver
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Football for Dummies: What Can FIFA and PES Teach an Idiot About the Beautiful Game?

Yep, this is our naïve way of measuring which is the better of the two football games this year.
Sam White
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A Conversation with Football Commentator Martin Tyler at the Launch of ‘FIFA 16’

He's the voice of the Premier League and of EA Sports' FIFA series, which is just showing off, really.
Mike Diver