Earth Day


Listen to a Lovely Green Day Cover Album for Hurricane Relief Efforts

Organized by members of Pinegrove and friends, 'Earth Day' benefits victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.


Bill Nye Sends Karlie Kloss to Teach Desiigner About the Horrors of Climate Change

The segment from Nye's new show, 'Bill Nye Saves the World,' makes for excellent Earth Day viewing.


German Town Officials Argue That Sausages Should Be Served at Vegetarian Food Festival

If you happen to be in the city of Kassel on Earth Day, don’t be surprised if you see pork sausages being served at the vegetarian food festival.


Art to Love the Earth By | GIF Six-Pack

It's Earth Day. Prove you care by sharing these GIFs with all of your friends.


Monumental Wildlife Portraits Capture Wastelands Once Roamed

Photographer Nick Brandt transforms his portraits of East African wildlife into ephemeral monuments to a vanishing world.


We Talked to the Guy Who Swam New York’s Horrifically Polluted Gowanus Canal for Earth Day

"The weirdest thing about the water here is that you can feel the greasiness on your gloves. And you can't see your own gloves in the water because there is so much goop."


Hong Kong Used DNA Analysis to Publicly Shame Litterbugs

Litterbugs: Yes, someone is coming after you for that cigarette butt.


Nature Gets Its Own Highlight Reel With This Otherworldly Timelapse

This Earth Day, you deserve some soothing vistas of our stunning planet, courtesy of photographer Shawn Reeder.


Escape the City with an Aerial Montage of Some of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth

Celebrate Earth Day early with 'Beyond,' an audiovisual experiment designed to take you "Beyond the city, beyond the noise, beyond the buzz of our always-on world."


Thanks To NASA, We Now Know What A Global Selfie Looks Like

36,422 photos were turned into a 3.2-gigapixel mosaic, as seen from space.


Imogen Heap And The Earth Day Sound-Sculpting Spectacular

The UK pop artist will go green with bicycle power and robot gloves.