East Coast


Inside the Strange, Messy Fight to Legalize Weed in New Jersey

A plan for recreational pot in liberal New Jersey fell apart. It points to the snags that can arise when politicians try to get in the social-justice game.
Alex Norcia

This Consciousness-Raising Cafe Wants You to Eat Like a Feminist

While the cultural definition of feminism has changed considerably since the 70s, the ethos of Bloodroot Restaurant and Feminist Bookstore has not.
Alicia Kennedy

Julie & The Wrong Guys Get Right And Heavy on "Love and Leaving"

The East Coast icon joins forces with a few Canadian punk and hardcore musicians to create gritty, gnarling rock 'n' roll.
Sarah MacDonald
Longreads Or Whatever

Did Punk Rock Start in Canada?

Canada's own Mark Gaudet shaped punk rock at the mere age of 11.

In Today's Comic, an Australian Provides a Guide to Manhattan

"They never built over Central Park, because a dragon lives there."
Greg Mackay
Asian cooking

My Dad's Half-Baked Plan to Introduce Tofu to Atlantic Canada

My father knew there weren't a lot of Asians in Nova Scotia when we moved there in the 70s, but he insisted on making and selling tofu. It seemed like a terrible business model.
Pay Chen
Adventures in UKIP Country

Stag Parties and Empty Saturday Nights

Going in search of England in Skegness, Boston and Grimsby.
Tim Burrows, Photos: Hayley Hatton

Riding On Britain's Last Non-Private Railway Line Before It Gets Sold to Profiteering Fat-Cats

The country's only publicly owned railway is also one of the best, but soon it's being privatised.
Josh Barrie
Internet Exploring

Someone Has Made 38 Hours of Playlists That Trace the Evolution of Hip-Hop

And you can listen to it for free.
Joe Zadeh
East Coast

Fuck, That's Delicious: East Coast

The second episode of Fuck, That's Delicious is a great example of what happens when a Queens-born Albanian rap star gets his cousin out of jail on bail, and then brings him on a rap/eating tour ranging from Florida to Pennsylvania.
Action Bronson
New music

Watch Antwon Stomp Around NYC And Slay Santos In This Mini Doc

Because what's a trip to New York without smoking a cigarette while admiring the serene vista of industrial ships and a not-yet-finished Freedom Tower?
The Music Issue

Crunk What?

For the record, we think that Eightball and MJG are one of the greatest things that ever happened to rap music, period.