• Did the Ancient Greeks Get Ebola?

    A new paper from Dr. Powel Kazanjian theorises that the famous Plague of Athens was caused by the same virus that has decimated West Africa in recent years.

  • Kim Jong-un Says He Has Cured AIDS, Ebola and Cancer

    Apparently a single injection, made up of a secret combination of ginseng and "rare earth elements", is going to prevent and cure some of the worst public health epidemics our society has ever seen.

  • The Hangover News

    This weekend, two guys convicted of murdering gay men got married in a high-security Yorkshire prison.

  • How Bodies Were Buried During History's Worst Epidemics

    From the black death to the Spanish flu epidemic to last year's Ebola outbreak, what did people do with all those diseased corpses?

  • ​The Future of Terrorism According to VICE

    The critical frontline in the next counter-terror battle will almost certainly be cyberspace, and multinational corporations are likely to be among the chief victims.

  • The Global Fear League 2015

    A rundown of all the countries you should be scared of this year.