Eighth Amendment


People Are Traveling Across the World to Repeal Ireland's Abortion Ban

For some Irish people living abroad, the vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment is too important to miss.


If Pro-Choice Men Don't Vote in the Irish Abortion Referendum, We're Screwed

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Every year, thousands of Irish women travel to the UK to access safe and legal abortion. These are their stories.


Ireland Has Embarrassed and Demeaned My Body

We must repeal the eighth amendment so we can start giving women autonomy over their own bodies.


The Uphill Battle to Make Prison Safer for Trans Women

Even as their advocates win victories in court, trans inmates remain vulnerable to violence from their fellow prisoners and indifference from a system that does not understand their needs.


Ireland Deserves a Referendum On Abortion

A clinically dead pregnant woman is being kept on life support against the wishes of her parents to preserve the life of her unborn foetus. How many more victims is my country's antiquated abortion law going to claim?