El Paso

gun violence

Americans Told Us How Their Lives Have Been Torn Apart By Gun Violence

Mass shootings have created a climate of fear, loss and helplessness.
Victoria Leandra
christchurch massacre

The Christchurch Shooter Was Allowed to Write a Letter from Prison. It Ended Up on 4chan.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the letter, which contained a call for more violence, should have been seized by the corrections department.
Tim Hume

We Asked People Around the World What They Think of US Gun Laws

"I think all these laws are the result of American capitalism."
Jada Butler
Mexican Food

A Punk Musician from Ciudad Juárez Is Redefining Vegan Mexican Food

"Part of decolonising our diet is going back to our roots of how our indigenous ancestors in the Americas ate," Edgar “Pato” Delfin says. "And much of that was plant-based."
Gabriel A. Solis

An El Paso Dive Bar Is Serving Some of the Best Nachos in America

Not all locals agree about the future of Texas's biggest border city, but they do see eye to eye on one thing: The Tap's perfect nachos.
Eduardo Cepeda
Father's Day

I Loved My Dad, But Hated His Machismo

My Mexican-American father gave me everything. But I don't want his patriarchal worldview.
Gabriel A. Solis

Khalid Could Be the Next GOAT

The 19-year-old singer will soundtrack this summer and could become a generational talent. All that potential is terrifying.
Alex Robert Ross

The Revolutionary History of Lowriders

The new film 'Lowriders' highlights the aesthetic of Chicanx car culture, but leaves out its radical politics.
Gabriel A. Solis
A Year of Lil Wayne

A Year of Lil Wayne: Location, Location, Location

And lot of talent on Khalid's "Location" remix.
Kyle Kramer
Scene Reports

El Paso's Scene Embraces the Border City's Layered Identities

El Paso is embracing its border identity and building a new sense of community with festivals and more inclusive booking.
Elijah Watson

Glass Artist Hangs the Helix Nebula in El Paso

Michele R Gutlove and her design firm, Studio GH, suspend a dying star system in the Irving Schwartz Public Library.
Nathaniel Ainley

Photos of Everything but the Pope at a Papal Mass Near the Mexican Border

On February 17, as the Pope visited the border region of El Paso-Ciudad Juárez before returning to Rome, I shot a papal mass. My goal was to concentrate on the feeling of the day and not on the man who came into town.
Peter Svarzbein