Election '15


Nigel Farage, a Bottle of Matey Shampoo Floating in a Bath of Real Ale, Is Leader of UKIP Again

A single zombie's arm emerges from the fresh grave, pint in hand, screaming through a mouthful of soil that "Europe is bad".


The New Wave: London Black Revolutionaries

Meet The London Black Revolutionaries, a movement of radical young black people who do not feel represented by Britain's "white supremacist" politics.


These Baby-Loving Monarchists Don't Give a Toss About Your Election

Before the birth of Princess Charlotte, VICE host Gavin Haynes went down to St Mary's Hospital to talk to the Union Jack-clad crowds.


The New Wave: Labour

In this new series, we profile the young hopefuls looking to shake things up at the general election. In the first episode we meet 23-year-old socialist Sam Gould, who's running for Labour in Romford.


An LGBT Guide to the General Election

What are the major parties pledging for Britain's lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people?


Shooting the Shit with the Countryside Alliance

The Countryside Alliance are a group of quite posh people who love guns, dogs and killing things with guns for dogs to get. We hung out with them to get their thoughts on Election '15.


The New Wave: Meet the Young Politicians Aiming to Shake Up Westminster with the Outsider Parties

We talk to minority party campaigners, aged as young as 16, from the SNP, Plaid Cymru and the Green Party.


The New Wave: Meet Durham's David Cameron-Worshipping Young Tory

In this episode we meet young Tory Rebecca Coulson, an avid tennis player and David Cameron mega-fan aiming to become the MP for Durham.


We Watched Anarchists Fight with London Cops and White Van Men This Weekend

Election '15 has been defined by UKIP's rise on the right wing of Britain's political spectrum – what's happening on the left?


The New Wave: Lib Dems

Profiling the young hopefuls looking to make waves at Election '15, we meet the Lib Dem candidates for Camberwell and Peckham and Liverpool Wavertree.


This Is How London's Anarchists Prepared for This Year's May Day Protests

We hung out with Class War as they prepared their banners for the annual demonstration.


The Luxury Item: Why Is the British Government Taxing Periods?

We speak to the female public about the "tampon tax" – a 5 percent VAT that classes all women's sanitary products as "non-essential luxury items".