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Trump Never Had Anything to Fear from an Insider Like Robert Mueller

We have effectively written white-collar crime and public corruption out of the US code.
David Dayen
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Who Should We Blame for This Hell?

On the lingering grief of the 2016 election.
Eve Peyser

Dominatrixes and Porn Sites Report a Huge BDSM Uptick Since Trump Became President

Across the country, it seems more people want to get spanked.
Carrie Weisman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

The FBI Has Reportedly Been Investigating Trump's Alleged Russian Support for Months

The feds have apparently been conducting an investigation into a possible covert cash flow that may have aided Donald Trump's election.
Lauren Messman

Why I'm Obligated to Be as Gay as Possible in Trump's America

In the face of hatred and political regression, my life is inherently political. And that means I have no choice but to love and have sex as much as I can.
Jeff Leavell

‘Pizzagate’ Conspiracy Theory Leads to Shots Fired in Pizzeria

Twenty-eight-year old North Carolinian Edgar M. Welch was arrested, and no one was hurt in the incident, but the owner of the pizza place, James Alefantis, his employees, and neighbouring businesses are deeply worried.
Alex Swerdloff

Anxiety Was a Fact of Life in Violent North Milwaukee Way Before the Election

Amid their daily concerns, like violence and money troubles, some residents said voting just didn't seem that relevant. Donald Trump became the first Republican presidential nominee to win Wisconsin since 1984.
Elizabeth Van Brocklin

'Design for Progress' Is the Charitable Alternative to Black Friday Spending

Because the world needs a safety net a whole lot more than you need new speakers.
Kara Weisenstein

Is the LGBTQ Community Ready to Fight in Trump’s America?

The fight for LGBTQ rights has produced some of America's most attention-grabbing – and effective – activism over the past half-century. Can that spirit reawaken under a Trump White House?
Jon Shadel

People Are Having Less Sex After the US Election

Will we ever have sex again with a "pussy grabber" in the White House?
VICE Staff

I Drove 14,000 Miles in Search of What Americans Have in Common

One day, this summer, I took off to look for the pockets of purple in an America usually divided between the red and the blue. And I found them—sort of.
Lucile Scott

Trump's America Feels as Terrifying as the Colombia of My Youth

I fled homophobia and terror in Bogotá. Last week, it found me in America.
Manuel Betancourt