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Stream Juan Atkins and Orlando Voorn's New Collaborative Album

'Mind Merge' injects familiar club forms with intriguing sonic malfunctions.
Alexander Iadarola
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The Weeknd's Mysterious Producer Prince 85 Made Us a Mix of French Electro and Hip-Hop

The Parisian beatmaker cooks up 46 minutes of trap bruisers, 90s big beat, and sinister synth instrumentals.
Max Mertens
Cover Story

TRAVAIL FAMILLE PARTY: Welcome to Justice's Private Universe

Cover story: With their third album, 'Woman,' the Parisian hellraisers return to the church of their imagination.
Angus Harrison
rave curious

Electro Originator Arthur Baker Has Stories For Days

What do Bruce Springsteen and 2ManyDJs have in common? Meet Arthur Baker.
Joshua Glazer

How Simian Mobile Disco Became Techno's Most Unlikely Champions

On the eve of their fifth LP 'Welcome to Sideways,' Jas Shaw looks back at the twists and turns of Simian Mobile Disco's long career.
Jemayel Khawaja
off the record

Dance Music 101: An Online Reading Course

Brush up on your knowledge of the major electronic genres with the latest installment of Off the Record.
Michaelangelo Matos
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It's a Fine Line Have Turned in a World Class Mix of Weirdo Disco and Bizarre Beats

The mix comes ahead of their self-titled album's release later this month.
Angus Harrison
defending the indefensible

“Rudebox” by Robbie Williams is the Best Electro Record Ever Made and That’s a Fact

"Angels" is for funerals, "She's the One" for weddings, and "Rudebox" for every time you want to kick back with six cans of lager.
Josh Baines

Jessy Lanza's Music Makes Life's Smallest Irritations Feel Meaningful

The Canadian singer and producer combats everyday anxiety and stress on her sophomore album 'Oh No.'
Kristel Jax

My Beat Still Goes Boom: An Interview with Electro Legend The Egyptian Lover

The Los Angeles veteran discusses influencing Dr. Dre and his latest 80s compilation on Stones Throw Records.
Gary Suarez
bullshitters guide

A Bullshitter's Guide to Electroclash

We take a long look back at the much maligned genre and find a lot to love about it.
Josh Baines

Autechre Are Still More Post-Human Than You Are

We caught up with the duo to find out where they're headed next and the early influences they never left behind.
Andy Beta