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I Got My Penis Zapped for Better Boners

This treatment is meant for erectile dysfunction, but people who just want harder, longer-lasting erections might also benefit.
Grant Stoddard
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FDA: No, You Can't Sell Vape Juice Spiked with Viagra

The agency busted an e-cig company after finding traces of prescription medications in its "healthcare flavors."
Drew Schwartz

The Story of Viagra, the Little Blue Pill That Changed Sex Forever

Looking back at the legacy of Viagra, 20 years since it first came to market.
Kyle MacNeill
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Weinstein Allegedly Gave Employee £370 Bonus to Stock Erectile Dysfunction Meds

Former Weinstein Co. employees say the disgraced Hollywood mogul tasked them with escorting women to hotel rooms, stocking his apartment with lingerie, and taking him to sex-addiction therapy.
Drew Schwartz

A Few Hard Truths about Porn and Erectile Dysfunction

Here's why the hysteria around pornography and hard-ons doesn’t really hold up.
Kris Taylor

Boner Pills and Sex Stimulants Are Still the Wild West of Herbal Supplements in America

The few studies on these products seem to suggest that over three quarters of sex supplements found at places like corner stores likely contain pharmaceuticals. That means every gas station pill has potential to be a hazardous pharmaceutical mystery...
Mark Hay
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The Ten Best Songs About... Erectile Dysfunction

Most musicians seem strangely reluctant to pen ditties about the modern reality of junk malfunction!?

The Guy Claiming He Only Has 100 Boners Left Is Probably Misinformed

An anonymous man claims that doctors told him that he only has 100 more chances to have an orgasm, but a urologist we spoke to says that he's probably gotten something mixed up.
Mike Pearl

This Company Creates Custom Sex Toys for Disabled Veterans

What does a soldier do when he's sent home from combat, still young and lascivious, but no longer able to feel his dick? He buys a sex toy from Tom Stewart, the owner of Sportsheets.
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace

Why Don't We Have a Female Version of Viagra Yet?

Women who want to increase their low libidos have to take pills designed to give men erections. Is there a better way?
Sophie Saint Thomas

ResERECTION: The Penis Implant

Penile implants have become a popular treatment option for erectile dysfunction – is it really worth it?
VICE Staff
Bollocks to the Hippocratic Oath

What Not to Do For an Erection

Our resident real doctor remembers some chillingly stupid attempts to maintain a hard-on.
Dr. Mona Moore