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  • Pandemic Porn Is Still Being Made During Lockdown – Here's How

    Renowned erotic indie filmmaker Erika Lust is releasing a new porno, shot during quarantine. We spoke to the people involved to find out how that was even possible.

  • Senior Sex Is the Last Frontier of Porn

    The latest film in director Erika Lust's XConfessions series features John and Annie, a real life couple in their seventies who want to show people that there's no age limit on good sex.

  • The Future of Porn Is Only Getting Worse

    We interviewed award-winning feminist adult film maker Erika Lust about the impact of FOSTA/SESTA on porn, the problem with age verification checks and the value of education over regulation.

  • Why Aren't We Talking to Our Kids About Porn?

    As more young people report exposure to porn than ever before, figures within and outside the adult industry are spearheading efforts to address its effects head on.

  • I Got Serenaded By a Porn Star – and Now You Can Too

    Erika Lust's adult actors are offering 'experiences' like guitar sessions and bike rides so you can get to know the real person behind the body parts.

  • How to Make Feminist Porn

    "Mainstream porn is run by middle-aged men," says Erika Lust. "Their vision has very little to do with my vision or my friends' visions."