The Guide to Getting Into Chaka Khan, Funk's Eternal Queen

'Hello Happiness' is Chaka Khan's first album in 12 years. As funk's standard-bearer, her dynamic voice is enough to stand the test of time – and genres.


This Is the Emotional and Financial Cost of Sexual Assault

I sometimes find myself very depressed over the question “who would I be had I not been raped?”


Mac Miller Wasn't Done

The rapper, who died on Friday, was constantly reinventing himself, searching for an identity. He had much more to give.


SZA Is the Pop Star of the Future, Long Live the Queen

SZA wasn't technically Coachella’s Friday night headliner, but her set felt like a damn coronation.


Sky Ferreira's Honest Pop Music Helps Us Survive Emotional Ruin

It has been four years since Sky Ferreira's debut, and we need her lo-fi pop music that digs almost recklessly, but necessarily, into your core.


Salma Hayek Says Harvey Weinstein Threatened to Kill Her

In a 'New York Times' op-ed, the actress writes that Weinstein sexually harassed her, blackmailed her into doing a nude scene, and once told her, "I will kill you, don’t think I can’t."


What’s Drake to Do When Toronto Isn’t Enough?

"Toronto’s problems always have been and always will be greater than the one who stunned it out of its stupor."


Sex Is Never Just Sex on St Vincent's 'Masseduction'

The album travels the path of seduction to its messy existential aftermath and how one can possibly move forward from that carnage.


Ibeyi Let Go of Their Ghosts To Face Today's Demons on 'Ash'

The album pulls you into a larger community and asks you to share your memories – no matter how painful they may be.


The First Time I Cooked for My Girlfriend's Family as a Trans Man

I felt like a bro, man, and that was invigorating for a transguy from a small, relatively conservative Connecticut town.


Stereolab's 'Dots and Loops' Is the Jazziest Anti-Capitalist Manifesto 20 Years On

'Dots and Loops' remains the experimental pop band's most sonically accessible and politically important record.


I Was Forced to Fight, Now I'm Learning to Cry

Black boys have to bury their emotions as they face off against racism and chase machismo.