I Thought Oktoberfest Would Suck, But Then I Remembered I’m a Trash Person

In theory I should have hated everything about the world’s largest beer festival, but somehow I thrived.


What Really Happened at 'Storm Area 51'

For starters, no one was vaporized (or if they were, the CIA did a really good job of covering it up).


The Revolutionary Pleasure of Lana Del Rey

'Norman Fucking Rockwell' is a masterpiece from an artist whose greatest gift to her listeners is the total submission of thought to feeling.


Lana Del Rey Will Never Change, and That's Why She's the Greatest

On 'Norman Fucking Rockwell' she eases in, stretches out and continues to fill the artistic space she created for herself on 'Born to Die'.


'Lover' Is Taylor Swift's Happy Ending... Almost

Although she has shed the Bad Taylor persona from 'Reputation', it's difficult to reconcile the two Taylors that exist on her latest release.


The VMAs Are Pointless Now

Even Missy Elliott's electrifying performance and long-overdue props couldn't save the show from its focus-grouped blandness.


Girl Talk Has Quietly Become a Great Rap Producer

A new track with Young Nudy is just the latest in a long run of excellent hip-hop singles that the mash-up star has been involved with.


I Hadn't Seen My Addict Father in Years – Then I Ran Into Him on the Street

I spotted my dad hanging out in a sketchy alley in my hometown. He didn't even recognise me when I introduced myself.


'Succession' Questions the Competence of Powerful White Men

In the season two premiere of the HBO show, we learn that patriarch Logan Roy might be just as clueless as everyone else.


Lil Nas X Played the Chart Game and Won

'Old Town Road' made Billboard Hot 100 history this week, by gaming remixes and boldly going where Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee and Justin Bieber didn’t.


Blood Orange's New Mixtape Is a Beautifully Messy Tribute to His Influences

'Angel's Pulse' is a lush exploration of all of the sides of Dev Hynes' sound.


I Was Banned From Twitter for Threatening to Kill Mr. Peanut

To be fair, this wasn't my first time menacing the Planters mascot. Or the second. Or the third.