eu referendum


Brexit Not Happening Is Now Definitely a Possibility

At least, it seems more appealing than "no deal".


How Hardcore Remainers Ended Up Sounding Weirdly Like Brexiteers

The people who hate Brexit the most are beginning to resemble its biggest fans.


Top Chefs Don’t Want to Move to London Because of Brexit

The British Hospitality Association warns that uncertainty over the rights of EU citizens post-Brexit is deterring culinary talent from working in the capital.


A Nice Reminder of All the Times Politicians Just Completely Ignored the Experts This Year

Because why bother listening to people who are professionally more knowledgeable than you?


What Happened to Empathy in Politics in 2016?

Since 2015's UK general election, internal divisions have cut lines through the electorate – and we have to consider what that means for our future.


The Polls Weren't the Problem – We Were

How to read the polls in 2017.


Manchester United’s Debt Soars 18% to £338m, Largely Because Of Brexit

We would love to see Nigel Farage go doorknocking in Stretford right now, the absolute twat.


What Are Opposition MPs Hoping to Get Out of Debating Article 50?

Now we know that Article 50 will be put to a Parliamentary vote, this is what Labour and SNP MPs will likely be angling for.


Article 50: What Happens Next in the Great Constitutional Brexit Meltdown?

Will there be an early election? Will the Queen appoint a new PM? Probably not, but the Article 50 ruling gives Remainers a chance to reframe the entire Brexit debate.


In Defence of Remoaners

The Brexit brigade have discovered a new favourite word for people who don't agree with them, but there's nothing wrong with complaining if it creates change.


EU University Students in Scotland Will Continue to Get Their Courses Paid for

Holyrood will cough up an estimated £300 million to ensure EU students already in university, or starting next year, will get free education.


Why Did South Asians Vote for Brexit?

How come so many British Asians sided with a campaign characterised by bigotry?