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Champions League

A Champions League Trophy, the Final Repair to Gianluigi Buffon’s Kintsugi Career

Though no career is perfect, Buffon's comes close. One trophy has eluded him, however, leaving timeworn cracks in his time at Juventus.
Will Sharp
europa league final

The Contrasts of The Europa League Final Show Something Has Gone Badly Wrong With English Football

When Manchester United meet Ajax on Wednesday evening, it will be more than a showcase Europa League final. It will be a clash of philosophies, and one which reflects badly on the Premier League.
Will Magee
pel droed

​Remembering Sgorio, The Cult Football Show That Brought Europe's Finest to Nineties Wales

In the mid nineties, before football coverage had reached saturation point, Sgorio brought Welsh viewers an embarrassment of European football riches.
Jim Weeks
misty water-coloured memories of 2003

Ruud Van Nistelrooy Recalls His Favourite Champions League Game

We asked former Manchester United and Real Madrid striker Ruud van Nistelrooy to pick a favourite Champions League encounter from his illustrious career.
Jack Stanley
luis suarez clutching his throat in faux agony

Is Cheating Acceptable in Football if it Makes for Great Entertainment?

Barcelona's triumph over Paris Saint-Germain was an incredible sporting achievement, if you ignore the comical dive by Luis Suarez to win a vital penalty. But when the outcome is so enthralling, should we simply turn a blind eye to cheating?
Jim Weeks
serie a

Zdenek Zeman: Bohemian Rhapsody in Serie A

Zdenek Zeman remains one of Italian football's most iconic coaches, renowned for his commitment to attacking tactics and a life-long rebellious streak. He is currently attempting mission impossible: to save Pescara from relegation to Serie B.
Lorenzo Malaterra
football and trade fairs: together at last

The Inter-Cities Fairs Cup: European Football's Strange and Forgotten Grandfather

The forerunner of the Europa League, the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup was a three-year slog that teams could only enter if their home city hosted an international trade fair. Nevertheless, it played a key role in developing European club football.
Jim Weeks
Champions League

The Tragicomic Tale of Arsenal’s Six Consecutive Round of 16 Exits in The Champions League

If Arsenal go out to Bayern in their coming Round of 16 double header, it will be their seventh consecutive fall at the same hurdle. Here, we look back at their previous failures and ask: what the fuck is going on?
Will Magee
china as a football superpower

How Big a Threat is China to European Football and The Premier League?

While there has been a parochial tendency to write off ambitious foreign football competitions in recent times, the Chinese Super League is different. Here’s why China poses a serious threat to European dominance.
Will Magee
brexit britain's effect on football

Life In The Brexit Balance: A Footballer's Perspective On Leaving The EU

Having carved out a career in football overseas, Laurie Bell has experienced first hand how difficult it can be to live life chasing the next work permit. Here, he tells us what Brexit might mean for him.
Laurie Bell
november 1994

Bonfire of The Vanities: Manchester United's 1994 Humbling at The Hands of Barcelona

In November 1994, Manchester United were thumped 4-0 by a team that I had neither heard of nor seen play. Their name was FC Barcelona, and they were truly magnificent.
Jim Weeks
Champions League

Remembering The Greatest Champions League Nights At Wembley

When Tottenham kick off against Monaco at Wembley, it will be the first time the stadium has hosted the Champions League in three years. There have been some great European nights at Wembley, and some disasters, too.
Will Magee