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The VICE Interview: Amy Lee

The Evanescence singer on karaoke, 'The X Factor' and being a child piano virtuoso.
Hannah Ewens

How We Remember the 2000s Has Everything to Do With the Owl City Memes

At what point is the nostalgic love just ironic, and can it ever be truly genuine?
Phil Witmer

How Today's Club Music is Influenced by Alt-Rock and Nu-Metal

A look at the electronic producers drawing inspiration from Evanescence, Korn, Linkin Park, and other oft-maligned groups.
Max Mertens

19 Questions About Love and Death... with ​Evanescence's Amy Lee

The singer of everyone's favourite goth rock band schools us on two of life's most unavoidable and mysterious concepts.
Emma Garland
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

2016 is Trash But This Dude Singing Smash Mouth Over Evanescence May Save Us All

You don't deserve Jon Sudano as your hero, but he'll do it anyway.
Emma Garland
Holy Shit

Who's That Wearing a Rubber Ducky Dress and Singing Children's Songs? It's Evanescence's Amy Lee!

Gather, friends, and hear what the vocal chords that brought you "WAKE ME UP INSIDE!" sound like when singing "There's a monkey in the band, the muffins are sleepy".
Noisey Staff
Longreads Or Whatever

Beyond LinkinBall Z: The History of the Anime Music Video

They tried so hard and got so far, but in the end, what do AMVs really matter?
Phil Witmer
The Greatest Things Of All Time

There Are Many Things on the Internet, None of Which Are as Good as This Evanescence "Uptown Funk" Mash-Up

Funk me up inside.
Emma Garland