I'm on Death Row for Punching a Man

After three decades, I feel like I’m dying a slow death.
J.T. Kirksey
Life Inside

What It's Like to Deliver Death Sentences

I ran for office and took the oath knowing that the death penalty would be part of my job, whether I liked it or not.
Mike Lynch
Life Inside

I Watched a Talent Show on Death Row

It was painful but also more fun than I expected.
George T. Wilkerson
true crime

I Was on an Executioner's Hit List

After two prosecutors were gunned down in cold blood, Erleigh Wiley was named the new DA in a panicked suburban Dallas county. Turned out she was a target, too.
Seth Ferranti
Life Inside

My Execution, 20 Days Away

In Arkansas, eight men are scheduled to die by lethal injection this month. Here is one of their stories.
Kenneth Williams

Texas Is No Longer America's Death Penalty Capital

The fewest people were put to death in the state this year since 1996, but race and mental health were still disturbing factors in who ends up on death row.
Casey Tolan

The True Story of the Notorious Trick-Or-Treat Murderer

Every Halloween there are stories of children being given tainted sweets – chocolate containing razor blades or broken glass. But only once has a child actually been killed by poisoned candy.
Michael Segalov

A Black Man Described by a Juror as an N-Word Is Scheduled to Get Executed Tonight

Kenneth Fults pleaded guilty and is set to die Tuesday. But eight years after the intellectually disabled man was sentenced, a white juror showed his true self.
Camille Pendley
Life Inside

What It’s Like to Almost Get Executed

A San Quentin inmate talks about watching the minutes tick away on his life.
Kevin Cooper
Life Inside

My Regrets As a Juror Who Sent a Man to Death Row

If I could have done anything, it would have been to deadlock the jury—but I didn't have the personal strength to do it.
Sven Berger as told to Maurice Chammah

Why Florida Loves the Death Penalty

A brief history of Florida's bizarre obsession with killing convicts.
Allie Conti

The Hangover News

This weekend, Russia named the US and NATO as threats to its national security, and a British man was arrested in Kyrgyzstan after comparing a local delicacy to horse penis.
Mac Hackett