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The Lil Tay Formula

We've seen this before, and it will happen again, unless the media figures out the right way to tackle this phenomenon.
Allie Conti

I Invented a Fake Friendship With Russell Brand to Get Free Stuff

Armed with Instagram, a lookalike and a face-swapping app, I managed to swindle free pizza, clothes and even a hotel suite.
Oobah Butler

Does Dance Music Need an Ed Sheeran?

The megastars of EDM are untouchable, super-rich elites. We need an everyman.
Josh Baines
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Dogs Make Sense of a Batshit World Once Again and Reimagine Kanye West’s “Famous” Music Video

I have never written a more millennial headline.

Lauren O'Neill

Kanye West Finally Got His Own Art Exhibit: Last Week In Art

Also: Peter Doig won a multi-million dollar settlement, and Ai Weiwei was dropped from the Yinchuan Biennale.
Nathaniel Ainley
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Please Enjoy Werner Herzog Analysing Kanye West's "Famous" Video

"You keep thinking: are these people for real? Are they doppelgangers? What could be the story of them? What are they doing? How have they partied? What brought them together?"
Emma Garland

Criticising Taylor Swift Isn't About Negativity Towards Successful Women, It’s About Vindication

Kim Kardashian’s big reveal doesn’t "character assassinate" anyone; it liberates Kanye from the vilification that Taylor Swift has launched her career off.
Grace Medford
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Taylor Swift Has Accused Kanye and Kim of Character Assassination Following Phone Call Leak

Swift has posted a statement on Instagram, continuing the bust up of the century.
Noisey Staff
Fan Fiction

They Mad They Ain't Famous: A Kanye West Story

In which Kanye West pitches his "Famous" video idea to Kim Kardashian, the Jenners, Tyga, and a few celebrity guests.
Action Bastard
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Ray J's Manager, Wack 100, Responds to Kanye West's "Famous" Video Like a Real Dick

"If they didn't show Ray J with his dick in Kim Kardashian's mouth, then tell Kanye to go back and reshoot that shit."
Larry Fitzmaurice

Kanye West Explains the Imagery Behind His New "Famous" Video

“Guess what the response is when I show it to them?” he said. “They want to be in the bed.”
John Hill

Kanye West and Taylor Swift Are Still Arguing Over That Line in "Famous"

They're both burning through resources to make their points, too.
Alex Robert Ross