Fan Fiction


Drake and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The 6 God has returned with one billion streams and one hidden son. What will our hero do next?


'Rick and Morty' Incest Porn Is Tearing the Show's Fans Apart

RickMorty shippers are testing the boundaries of the First Amendment.


Babylon out of Business: A Britain Without Robbie Williams

Let us imagine, for a second, if our most iconic institution had never pursued a solo career after Take That.


A Day in the Life of Teenage Morrissey

Ahead of the release of his new album 'Low in High School', we dug out Moz's schoolboy diary.


Who Is the Real Asahd Khaled?

To celebrate his first birthday, we spoke with the young producer to make sense of being the baby don, mogul and icon.


What It’s Actually Like to be a Posh Royal Albert Hall Ticket Tout

Well, I say! A bunch of cads who own seats in the venue were reportedly sent a how-to pamphlet on secondary ticketing.


How Nightcore Became Your Favorite Producer's Favorite Genre

The ultra-simple, fast-paced form has been around for over a decade, but a new wave of producers is granting it a second wind.


Owls, Part 3: A Drake and Eminem (and Joe Budden) Story

An epic tale of what was almost the greatest and gnarliest rap beef of the modern era.


They Mad They Ain't Famous: A Kanye West Story

In which Kanye West pitches his "Famous" video idea to Kim Kardashian, the Jenners, Tyga, and a few celebrity guests.


Oh, Good, Now There Is Brexit Erotica

The new e-book, 'Pounded by the Pound,' imagines a steamy, post-Brexit hellscape starring a guy and his giant, living British Pound coin companion.


What Happened When Adele Spent £2 Million on a Hen Party Mash-Up In Ibiza?

We've interviewed absolutely everyone who saw her that weekend, to piece together a candid portrait of the biggest hen party since records began.


Universal Cartoon Heroes Get Reimagined as Black Women

From 'Kill Bill' to Studio Ghibli, Markus Prime relates to film's the most culture-spanning characters by drawing them with dark skin and kinky hair.