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Populism Barely Got Started in 2016 – Just Wait Until Next Year

Across Europe, right-wing populists look set to score big electoral victories, meaning an already limping European liberalism may be over by 2017.


What Would Deradicalisation Programmes for the Far-Right Actually Look Like?

We asked a counter-terrorism practitioner what may happen if people start to focus more on neo-Nazis than Muslims when trying to fight extremism.


"Swiss On Paper Only"? Identity, Immigration and the Swiss National Team

When Switzerland line up at Euro 2016, their national team will have a distinctly multiracial identity. Does that suggest that Swiss society is well integrated, or is it merely superficial?


Photos of the Police Trying to Push Anti-Fascists and Neo-Nazis Apart in Liverpool

Firecrackers, bottles and rocks flew on both sides as police escorted the far-right North West Infidels past a counter-protest on Saturday.


Greece's Anti-Fascist Uprising

VICE News travelled to Greece to see how the Golden Dawn arrests have affected Greece's anti-fascist movement.