Me and Brooke Candy Hung Out With Some Farm Animals

Where we spoke about her mythical queer porno, destroying the patriarchy and being close to nature.


This Farmyard Fitness Festival Wants to Get Millennials Drinking Milk Again

“I know a lot of young people don’t see milk as particularly healthy. It’s the same with meat—why do people not buy brisket anymore?”


The Future of Milk Production Could Be This Floating Dairy Farm

A port in Rotterdam is preparing for the world’s first floating dairy farm, a three-storey concrete raft housing 40 cows and producing 1,000 litres of milk a day.


This British Farm Is Hiding a Japanese Vegetable Paradise

NamaYasai is no ordinary farm. In its fields and greenhouses grows a cornucopia of Japanese produce: yuzu, edamame, shiso, and daikon.


On Scenic Canadian Farm, Addiction Recovery Programme Faces Eviction

Residents of Vancouver Island’s Woodwynn Farms say recent "no occupancy" orders have put their recovery at risk.


Some Police Got into a 45-Minute Standoff with a Toy Tiger

"I feel a bit silly for calling the police, but I thought it was a real emergency."


Farmer Arrested for Drunkenly Driving His Tractor to a Pizza Shop

A seriously bad case of the drunchies.


Alien-Obsessed Idaho Couple Builds UFO-Shaped Chicken Coop

Made from television satellites, outfitted with climate-controlled insulation—what more could a chicken want?


Celebrating Eid on Britain's First Organic Halal Farm

“Muslims and non-Muslims, we’ve all ignored that reality in how our food is produced,” says Lutfi Radwan, co-founder of Willowbrook Farm in Oxfordshire.


Why This Sea Urchin Diver Is Building an Arctic Farm for the Future

Amid the rugged and icy mountains of Norway, one couple's mission to create an Arctic farm for the future is growing.


Why We Should Be Hacking Our Allotments

I’ve looked into the possibility of making small devices with hacking technology such as sensors to find out levels of pollution in the soil or in the air, which could then be applied to small gardens.


Family-Friendly Photos of Life on a Tobacco Farm

For this week's First-Person Shooter, we handed two cameras to the fourth-generation owner of a mid-sized tobacco farm in South Carolina.