How ‘Best of British’ Food Became a Marketing Ploy – Then a Political Act

In the wake of Brexit, the trend for locally sourced food – or the idea that British produce is inherently superior – has coincided with a rise in xenophobic attitudes.


Brexit Is a Nightmare for Farmers’ Mental Health

Many British agricultural workers already struggle with rural isolation and financial strain. Now, Brexit uncertainty is making things significantly worse.


World War II Grenades Keep Ending Up in Food Factories and Restaurants

Trenches that were filled with explosives often ended up as farm fields, still laced with forgotten bombs.


Chips Are Shrinking Because Climate Change Comes for Us All

Please, my potato. He’s very sick.


What It's Really Like to Work in an Abattoir

Hiding animal tongues in your friend's lunch, de-plugging pig hair from broken machines: the reality of a day in a British slaughterhouse.


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A new app from researchers at the University of Vermont allows farmers to virtually trial methods of encouraging bees to thrive and pollinate crops on their land.


I Left the City to Become a Farm Labourer and Here’s What I Learned

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How Long Will It Be Before Robots Replace Migrant Workers on British Farms?

With minimum wages creeping up, industries like agriculture, which have long-used cheap, often migrant labour, might be tempted to invest in labour-replacing equipment.


Food Hacking: Talking Tomatoes

Simon Klose meets an advertising agency making organic vegetables that speak to customers with the voices of their farmers.


Dressed Up Cows and Drunk Farmers: Photos of a Traditional Swiss Cattle Parade

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This Suffolk Farm Holds the Secret to Perfect Barbecue

Kenton Hall Estate Farm is home to a herd of rare Longhorn cows, a breed London chef Neil Rankin has chosen for the grilled beef dishes at his new restaurant. “I look for that pure, beefy flavour,” he says, as we take a tour of the farm.