Fast Food Week


From Mafia Murders to Pitbull: How the Strange Story of Miami Subs Epitomises Florida

Every Florida kid remembers the fries, the gyros, and the contract killing.


We Took an Italian Gelato Expert to the Pizza Hut Ice Cream Factory

“First of all, I think my nonna would turn her nose up at the pizza, and this ice cream would definitely be too much for her.”


Berlin's Best Fast Food is on a Street Shaped by War

How the Middle Eastern conflicts shape the world of German street food.


One of America's Best Burgers Comes from This Dive Made of Sea Trash

Something ineffable sets Le Tub apart. Maybe it's all the toilet seats on the walls.


Study Claims Women with Unattractive Boyfriends Eat More Junk Food

According to research from Florida State University, women who are deemed better looking than their partners are not motivated to eat healthily. Right ...


Why So Many Fights Break Out in Fast Food Restaurants

"When I go to a property that’s completely out of control, I find that the employees and managers are frightened."


Reflecting on the Burger King Pokémon Disaster of 1999

How kids meal toys at the height of Pokémania led to two deaths and a lot of panic.


Make Your Own Fast Food Feast at Home

Making your favourite burgers, chicken tenders, and tacos at home is the ultimate guarantee that you'll have it your way.


How US Army Technology Gave Rise to the McRib

The US Army pioneered restructured meats in the 1960s, and that technology found its way into beloved fast food menu staples.


My Dad Invented the Extra Value Meal

Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese Food discovers that her father, a former manager at McDonald's, unwittingly changed the fast food landscape forever.


Become the Master of Your Own Fries

Grab life by the fries.


We Tried All of the McDonald's Specialty Menu Items Around the World

Behold all of the unique McDonald's menu items you can order across this gigantic universe known as Earth.