Fat White Family


Fat White Family's Sexed-Up Ketamine Voyage to (Near) Recovery

How Britain's fierce anomaly of a band lost a songwriter and came back from the brink to release smooth and sleazy comedown album 'Serfs Up'.
Ryan Bassil
Remembering Things

From Lana to Loski, Here's What You Might Have Missed Already This Year

Plus upcoming album releases by Fat White Family and Little Simz, the advent of a UK drill/bashment spin-off, and /that/ Soulja Boy interview.
Ryan Bassil

A Glorious Day Out with Buzzing Post-Punks Warmduscher

We tail the ragtag band, made up of members of Fat White Family, Paranoid London and Childhood, as they meander through Salford.
Daniel Dylan Wray

All Hail Britain's Biggest Narcissist in The Moonlandingz New Video for "Black Hanz"

The Fat White Family and Eccentronic Research Council collaboration band have recorded an album with Sean Lennon. Here's the first video.
Noisey Staff

On Tour With Britain's Biggest Narcissist... Johnny Rocket!

We followed a ramshackle supergroup comprised of Fat White Family, Slow Club, and The ERC on a sniff and cider-fuelled tour across Northern England.
Daniel Dylan Wray

Stop All the Clocks, Fat White Family's New Single is Massive

"Breaking Into Aldi" was written with Sean Lennon and that bloke from the Black Lips, and is a prerequisite to ram-raiding a supermarket.
Noisey Staff

This is The Weirdest Shit That's Appeared in Our Inbox All Year

Featuring members of Fat White Family, Childhood and Paranoid London, this video from Warmduscher tells the story of one band's tireless voyage through the shark-infested seas of the music industry.
Noisey Staff

Dance to the Beat of Human Hatred in Fat White Family's "Tinfoil Deathstar" Video

Plus - a reminder to never pick the spots on your face again!
Noisey Staff
Internet Exploring

Two Worlds Collide: Lady Gaga is a Big Fan of London Squat Rockers Fat White Family

It's almost as if famous musicians also like music.
Emma Garland

A Final Interview With the Late Jock Scot, Your Favourite Musician's Favourite Poet

The charismatic Scottish poet came to London in the 70s, charmed every star in the city, and became a shining light for his generation. We met him just weeks before he passed away, and discussed life, poetry, and myths.
Robert Greer

Is Fat White Family’s Story the Last of a Dying Breed?

The darkest, unexplored moments of this band's narrative sketch the story of every struggle that faces Britain’s shrivelling artistic underclass in 2016.
Ryan Bassil
Internet Videos Of Particular Importance

Dilly Dally Shares Music Video for "Snakehead" in Which They Declare "Music Videos Are Bullshit"

On this dreary Monday, remember that everyone feels like shit.
Noisey Staff