Female Artists


This Artist’s Neon Erotica Is Metal (and NSFW) as Hell

LA artist Kristen Liu-Wong paints beautiful scenes of bong-smoking, kinky warrior-queens.


Molly Soda Turns Nasty Social Media Comments into Unfiltered Art

Her goofy beauty tutorials and sexy selfies capture the strange reality of being female on the internet.


The Women Who Crashed the 70s LA Punk Scene

"Maybe that’s the punkness of being female: Don't ask for permission, don’t seek male approval, just do it for yourself."


Enter the Dark Scandinavian Wilderness with "Witch in the Woods" Artist Darby Lahger

Lahger’s mystical work conjures images of isolation, tragedy, freedom and escape.


A Fearless Bronze Girl Has Been Installed to "Take Down" the Wall Street Bull

For International Women's Day, artist Kristen Visbal and photographer Federica Valabrega installed a sculpture of a young girl bravely facing Arturo Di Modica's 'Charging Bull'.


6 Tips for Fighting Gender Inequality While Starting Your Own Art Collection

London-based philanthropist Valeria Napoleone explains why time, an aesthetic focus, and a reliable network are indispensable resources for any aspiring art collector.


Youth Collective Teaches You How to Scam the Patriarchy

Woke youths gather at the New Museum for workshops on urban herbalism and self defense.


I Went to Iceland Airwaves in Search of a Feminist Utopia

The World Economic Forum recently named Iceland "the best place in the world to be a woman", but the artists I speak to in Reykjavik have a very different story to tell.


50 Female Photographers Give the World a Window into #girlgaze

#girlgaze is a collection of 150 photographs from women around the world.


Feminist Art Platform "Curated by Girls" Goes IRL

Quality breeds diversity with the first physical show from feminist art platform Curated by Girls.


21 Female Artists Reflect on the Origins of Self-Portraiture

Using photography, collage, tapestry, and video, Erin M. Riley, Leah Schrager, Alexa Meade, and more reveal the meanings of self-representation today.


VICE Magazine's 15th Annual Photo Show Is This Weekend

A show in Brooklyn spotlights the female-photographed visuals of VICE Magazine’s 15th photo issue.