Cop Who Killed Unarmed Black Man Offers Class on 'Surviving the Aftermath'

Officer Betty Shelby says her class is all about helping other cops who are "victimised by anti-police groups and tried in the court of public opinion".


Three Years After Ferguson, One Protester Still Faces the Aftermath

Joshua Williams was made an example of by a St. Louis County judge. Two years into his prison sentence, he said his activist history has led guards to make his life hell.


New Footage Shows What Michael Brown Was Doing Before His Death

The previously unseen video suggests that there might be more to the robbery than initially presented by Ferguson police.


How Cops Could Run Wild Under Trump

Despite a deluge of awful police shootings in America, the US government has at least been trying to keep tabs on local cops. That may change under President Trump


The Big Winner in the Missouri Governor's Race: Cops

Both candidates are talking tough – one literally shoots a machine gun in his TV ads – two years after Michael Brown was gunned down by Officer Darren Wilson.


A Black Lives Matter Painter Explains How Art Can Be Activism

Langston Allston sees his murals for Alton Sterling and other victims of police brutality as a way to "help people plug in who weren't previously plugged in."


A Plush Handgun Takes Aim at George Zimmerman's Evil Auction

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Anonymous Says It Just Outed a Bunch of Members of the Ku Klux Klan

Dozens of email addresses and phone numbers the online hacktivist collective claims are affiliated with the KKK are making the rounds.


An Interview with Lexi, 19, the Fall Out Boy-Loving Ferguson Police Supporter Who Became a Meme

"I would rather get hit by something than let it hit them."


Everyone's Laughing at This Fall Out Boy Fan Who Is Defending Armed Police in Ferguson with Her Life

"I would rather get hit by something than let it hit them," she said about the police officers behind her, all of whom were wearing body armour.


A Year After Ferguson, There's Still No Peace

The police shooting of two young men of colour this week shows that even as more Americans consider race to be the biggest issue facing the country and citizens are increasingly attuned to how cops target minorities, little has changed at the local...