This Korean Hot Sauce Is Fermented with Nonstop Classical Music

Many brewers and distillers claim that loud music is the secret ingredient to getting their products just right.
Jelisa Castrodale

We Need to Talk About Vinegar

“White distilled vinegar is the devil.”
Michael Harlan Turkell
Dirty Work

Dirty Work: The Magic of Microbes with Sandor Katz

Sandor Katz, a fermentation expert whose obsession with funky foods has earned him the nickname “Sandorkraut,” stopped by the MUNCHIES Garden to make sauerkraut and talk about what literally gets his juices flowing.
Matthew Zuras

Why I Decided to Close My Michelin-Starred Restaurant

Setting up a restaurant is a bit like creating an artwork: when it’s done, the artist doesn’t need to adjust anything. That's what I started to find annoying.
Kobe Desramaults

MUNCHIES Presents: A Day in the Life of Restaurant 108

Kristian Baumann
Craft Beer

This Craft Brewery Infuses Its Beer with the Wu-Tang Clan

Fortnight Brewing uses sonic vibrations to stress out yeast during the fermentation process with the purpose of altering the flavour, character, and complexion of a new beer, aptly dubbed “Bring da Ruckus.”
Dorian Geiger

This Sake Brewer Wants to Change the World with Fermentation

Satoru Furuta of the Imayo Tsukasa sake brewery in Niigata thinks that the world would be a better place if we incorporated more fermented products into our lives.
Wyatt Marshall
Make this

These Chipotle Pickled Eggs Are Too Good to Be a Pub Snack

London picklemaker Freddie Janssen’s Mexican take on the traditional cured egg is spicy, smoky, and best served with tortilla chips and a cold beer.
Munchies Staff
Stinky tofu

Hairy, Stinky Tofu Is the Stuff of Smelly Dreams

I went to Kunming, in China’s southwestern Yunnan province, to find the city's famous version of stinky tofu, which turns deliciously sour and moldy after a few days' rest. But don't believe the haters, because stinky tofu doesn’t taste like farts.
Brent Crane

Why the Meat Factories of the Future Will Look Like Breweries

"If you tour a meat factory in the future, it will look like a brewery—basically with big meat fermentors," says Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute, an organization that helps to fund research and policy initiatives to develop cultured meat...
Gigen Mammoser

Kombucha Made EZ

Angela Dimayuga of Mission Chinese shows us just how easy making your own kombucha at home can be. All you need is a little bit of sugar, tea, juice, and time.
Angela Dimayuga
hot sauce

How-To: Make Your Own Sriracha

Lisa Murphy of Sosu Sauces shows us her remarkably easy recipe for a spicy fermented sriracha sauce that packs way more of a punch than your typical rooster bottle.
Lisa Murphy