Festivals 2014


Festival Free Love Is Being Turned Into Non-Consensual Porn by Reddit Masturbators

Yes there's a sub-reddit called "Festival Sluts"


What's in my Baggie? Well, the MDMA You've Been Taking at Festivals this Summer is Probably Bath Salts

A crew have made a documentary that aims to highlight the rise in replaced substances at festivals.


Bestival Beats Other Festivals Because all the Goblin Children Have Gone Back to School

The festival also encourages you to open your eyes and enjoy things with lots of strangely-dressed people.


A Portrait of the Shit Left Behind at Reading Festival

You can learn a lot about people from the shit they leave behind.


You're Going To Die Before Everyone At Reading Festival

Reading is ferociously, apocalyptically young. It's basically Lord Of The Flies on Tuborg.


What People Were Wearing at Japan's Summer Sonic Festival

Even Japanese festivalgoers like flower crowns. But they really upped the ante with their stuffed worm headgear.


Having Sex at Festivals Isn't Just Disgusting, It's Shit

You will find yourself wet in all the wrong ways, bumping against a body you can smell more than you can see.


Wireless Festival is a Depressing Insight Into the Future of British Festivals

Wireless has the potential to be one of the best festivals in Britain - but it continually lets itself down by placing money over experience.


Shit, Poop, and Diarrhoea

We reviewed the toilets at Glastonbury.


We Got Your Messed-Up Post-Glastonbury Comedown Dreams Illustrated

The fucked up subconsciouses of Noisey readers, seen for the first time.


Tell Us Your Fucked Up Post-Glastonbury Dreams

This is either going to be the worst idea we've ever had or a groundbreaking glimpse at our collective subconscious.


Glastonbury 2014: Things We Can Never Unsee

Here’s some things we can remember by piecing together photographs and notes on our phones.