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Miami’s Weirdest Film Festival Celebrates Coral Orgies, Death and the #NOBROZONE

A sinking city, a Viking funeral, coral sex, Animal Collective, Trina on a bank vault, Waterworld on an island: welcome to Borscht DIEZ.


Morocco Is Hosting a Massive Festival of International Cinema

Auteur and independent cinema reigns during the Marrakech International Film Festival in December.


Curated by Women: A Special Weekend of Cinema in Hollywood

I spent Women of Cinefamily Weekend talking community, dreams, and womanhood with filmmakers Lily Baldwin and Chris Kraus.


I Watched 26 Teams Create Horror Movies from Scratch in Just 48 Hours

This year's Tasploitation Challenge in Hobart, Tasmania took place against a backdrop of a real-life tragic car accident.


How Softcore Porn Kicked Off a Cultural Revolution in Quebec

In the late 1960s, a burgeoning sense of Quebec identity hinged, in part, on some beautiful women taking off their clothes.


This London Sci-Fi Fest Takes Place Aboard a Floating Cinema

All aboard for film screenings, artist workshops, and more extraterrestrials than you can shake a buoy at.


What Burkina Faso's Film Festival Means for African Cinema

We talked to some of competing filmmakers about why Africa needs FESPACO film fest, and picked out the best stuff that showed.


A Projector-Equipped Tesla Is Taking Environmentalism to the Streets

Obscura Digital's Tesla Model S painted Boulder, Colorado with eco-light for the debut of Louie Psihoyos's new documentary 'Racing Extinction.'


Here's Some of the Best Stuff I Saw at This Year's Berlinale

Including Pablo Larraín's El Club, Alex Ross Perry's Queen of Earth and Sebastian Silva's Nasty Baby.


Sifting for Gold in the Shit Heap That Is Rotterdam Film Festival

There were some amazing films this year, including: Adam Curtis' Bitter Lake, Sono Sion's Tokyo Tribe and Kim Longinotto's Dreamcatcher.


Unearthing Jill Reiter's Lost Riot Grrrl Film

We talked to the New York filmmaker about her never-seen-before DIY film starring Kathleen Hanna.