Fine Dining


The Bocuse d'Or Makes Fine Dining an Arena Sport

Competing chefs spend a year training to perfect wildly ornate dishes under pressure.


How to Make a Michelin-Starred Dinner in a Tent in a Forest

Chefs Elizabeth Allen and Lee Westcott’s recent dinner at a Lincolnshire music festival was a feat of careful menu planning and extreme barbecuing.


What It's Like to Run a 10,000–Square Foot Kitchen

"You have to teach a chef how to move and maneuver in my kitchen; you're asking them to figure it out in half a city block."


What It’s Really Like Running a Restaurant with Your Best Friend

“Jeremy and I used to live together and we’d always talked about opening a restaurant sometime.”


Birmingham Chefs Tell Us Why Their City Isn’t a Food Wasteland

“Growing up in Birmingham, there wasn’t much in terms of a food scene. I think people are slowly clocking onto it now. People are opening their own restaurants. There’s way more going on.”


Joël Robuchon Believes Healthy Food Is the Future of Fine Dining

The high priest of French cuisine considers swapping out the butter in order to develop "a fine dining cure" for what ails us.


Chefs Night Out: Konstantin Filippou

Konstantin Filippou, owner of a Vienna restaurant and natural wine bar named O boufés, has a day off to hang out with his friends at a few of his favourite places.


This Caterer Will Cook You a Weed-Infused, Multi-Course Feast

LA-based Elevation VIP Cooperative's three-course menu includes Sour Diesel paired with black garlic and a French vanilla cake with Blue Dream hybrid terpenes.


I Ate a Michelin-Star Meal at an Electronic Music Festival

When Michelin-starred Antwerp restaurant The Jane re-located to an electronic music beach festival for the weekend, chefs Sergio Herman and Nick Bril had diners dancing on the tables by the fourth course.


Meet the 'King of the Food Bloggers' Who Discovered Run DMC and Owns Robot Wars

Founder of high-end food forum Opinionated About Dining and dubbed “king of the bloggers” by Jay Rayner, Steve Plotnicki ran Profile Records and bought the rights to Robot Wars before pursuing his lifelong interest in food.


Chef's Night Out: Jonathan Benno

We went to Lincoln Ristorante, one of Manhattan's ritziest restaurants, to chat with head chef Jonathan Benno about the intricacies of homemade pasta and the art of modern Italian food.