maritime disaster

34 Missing and Feared Dead After Scuba Diving Boat Catches Fire off California Coast

The 75-foot boat caught fire in the early morning hours while divers were sleeping below deck.
David Gilbert
food news

The Tempura Flakes on Sushi Rolls Are Spontaneously Combusting and Starting Fires

Two sushi restaurants in Wisconsin have caught on fire since April, and investigators believe that both incidents were caused by tempura "crunch".
Jelisa Castrodale

Dog (ALLEGEDLY) Started Kitchen Fire by Trying to Snag Pizza Off the Stove

This doggo isn’t the first to be involved in pizza-related arson accusations.
Jelisa Castrodale

Flaming Cocktail Injures 2 Diners at Gordon Ramsay's Las Vegas Restaurant

The hell-themed restaurant's menu includes $14 cocktails with names like “Meet Your Maker,” “Smoke on the Blvd” and, of course, “The Pitchfork.”
Jelisa Castrodale

Photos of the Destruction Caused By Wildfires in the Greek Town of Rafina

Twenty-six of the 60 people killed in the wildfires so far were found on a single plot of land in Rafina, just outside Athens.
Kostas Koukoumakas

This Tortilla Chip Factory Has a Small Spontaneous Combustion Problem

An Austin-based chip facility’s new waste disposal system is flamin’ hot garbage.
Ian Burke
The 2018 World Cup

The Five Biggest Moods from Robbie Williams' World Cup Performance

From to a lad shredding all hell out of a harp to OG Ronaldo, the Russia 2018 opening ceremony had it all. Robbie Williams was also there.
Lauren O'Neill
Joel Golby
Noisey News

Fire Destroys Aberdeen Museum of History, Home to Kurt Cobain Exhibit

The fire broke out Saturday morning at the Armory Building in the center of Cobain's hometown. How much might be salvaged remains unclear.
Alex Robert Ross
The VICE Guide to Right Now

'GoT' Fans Are Secretly Filming the Set and Ruining the Show for Everyone

Or they might've just caught one of the show's decoy endings.
Drew Schwartz

Some Questions for Vancouver’s Serial Porta-potty Arsonist

Police are asking for help investigating seven flaming poo crimes.
Sarah Berman
The VICE Guide to Right Now

This Party Bus Partied Too Hard

Another typical Saturday night in 2017.
Mack Lamoureux
Hurricane Ophelia

Photos of Galicians Fighting Deadly Wildfires Together

Hurricane Ophelia fuels wildfires across Spain and Portugal, which have killed at least 32 people.
Felipe Carnotto