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Julian Assange

This is Just the Beginning for Julian Assange

The U.S. could be trying to bring additional charges against the WikiLeaks founder.
David Gilbert
Greg Walters
Content Wars

Facebook Is Using Bad Free Speech Arguments to Defend InfoWars

In a series of tweets, Facebook told reporters that conspiracy theories are a matter of free speech.
Sarah Emerson
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There's a Westboro Baptist Church Movie in the Works

'Hate (A Love Story)' follows the case of Al Snyder, a gay man who took on the hate group after it picketed at his Marine son's funeral.
Lauren Messman
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People Raised £45,000 for the Woman Who Gave Trump the Finger

Juli Briskman was fired from her job after a photo of her one-fingered salute went viral.
Drew Schwartz
Donald Trump

Could Trump Really Shut Down NBC?

The president tweeted about revoking the network's broadcasting license, but an expert says it's not clear how he'd do that.
Allie Conti

What to Do When the Fascists Come to Town

Charlottesville and a newly prominent far right have ignited debates about violence, speech and the right way to protest against neo-Nazis.
Allie Conti
campus speech

Racist Instagram Photos Tore a High School Apart

Schools across the country don't know how to deal with students who post toxic things online.
Allie Conti
Views My Own

My Weird Battle to Get the President to Unblock Me on Twitter

I don't really know how I wound up here.
Jules Suzdaltsev

A Body-Slammed Reporter and the New American War on Journalism

After a Republican congressional candidate was charged with assaulting a journalist, it's time to get outraged—and worried.
Matt Taylor
press freedom day

For Press Freedom Day, Watch Trump Make Out with Giuliani in Drag

Give thanks for the First Amendment.
Harry Cheadle
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White House Blocks Three Major Media Outlets from Friday's Press Briefing

Right-wing media outlet Breitbart was let in, while journalists from the AP and 'TIME' declined to attend.
Lauren Messman

The Pervert Who Changed America: How Larry Flynt Fought the Law and Won

Larry Flynt was a hardcore porn pioneer, a born-again Christian, an antagonist of the women's movement and a First Amendment crusader. What will he leave behind?
Drew Millard